Roads, Roads, Roads

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An area most Huntersville residents want to see addressed is our road infrastructure. Prior to being elected to the Huntersville Town Board I saw this as an issue myself and have worked to bring this issue to the forefront since being elected in 2011.  I have always found it odd that many in Mecklenburg county consider Huntersville as a rural area and thus not in need of a strong road infrastructure.  When talking with individuals who do not live in Huntersville they are truly amazed that Huntersville is a community of 50,000.  Maybe this is why it has been so difficult to bring our needs to the forefront.  I will not be dissuaded by their reaction to our growing community.  In fact, I am more enthusiastic than ever to be able to share how our community is growing and that we indeed need help in addressing our highways in a timely manner.

I have had the great fortune my first term to work with the Lake Norman Transportation Commission.  All the Lake Norman towns created the LNTC and work to bring focus to our transportation needs.

Within the past two years much has been said about our east-west connectors and the need to address them.  For Huntersville, it is roads like Sam Furr, Stumptown and Gilead.  It is also important that we continue to address roads like Hwy 21, 115 and the future Prosperity Church Rd extension that will eventually connect Huntersville and Davidson to Mooresville on the east side of town.

What I have found is we are making progress.  Unfortunately, it is not as fast as most of us would like.  I will continue to work to bring our infrastructure needs to the forefront and work with leaders within our community, in Raleigh and NCDOT to make our needs a reality on Huntersville roads.