Public Safety

Of all the issues for which our town officials are responsible, public safety is the most critical. It is paramount that we care for our citizens and, as such, we must adequately support our local fire and police services.

When it comes to supporting our local fire department, I am already an incumbent. I gave my vote and garnered backing for the new fire station that is currently in process on McIlwaine Road. This new, state-of-the-art facility will help ensure citizen safety by providing our firefighters with the resources they need.

I am also a big supporter of our police department. Throughout my tenure as Town Commissioner, I have supported the addition of new officers, resulting in an additional eight officers added to our force over the past two years. I believe in growth that is purposeful, therefore, new officers have been added strategically – not haphazardly. I take pride in the fact that Huntersville was recently ranked number 16 in the top 50 safest towns in North Carolina and I have no doubt that we can do even better in the future.

Prioritize Budget

In order to accomplish our town’s goals for the future, we must be able to prioritize our budget. It is my goal to keep Huntersville’s taxes low (we have not raised taxes in the last two years), while continuing to meet the needs of our growing community. The town must set up a strategic plan to catch up with the growth that has occurred.

Roads and Infrastructure

I will continue to place an emphasis on updating our road infrastructure from the center out by ranking each road in order to meet the needs within the town, and then systematically addressing each need as funding becomes available. I will also focus on the sidewalk system within pedestrian traveled areas, ensuring both safety and efficiency. Click here for more information.

Economic Development

Economic development is crucial for the town of Huntersville as we continue to become a place where citizens can truly live, work, and sustain themselves – instead of just being a place where people live and then commute into Charlotte. It is key that we continue to grow and diversify our business center.

During the past two years, we have added 341 new jobs to our marketplace, with more expected in the near future. Established workplaces are also expanding as Huntersville continues to experience solid movement within the job market. Economic development helps keep tax rates low and it’s my plan to continue this trend. Thus far, announced project investments since 2015 have totaled $102,400,000, and that number continues to rise.


To ensure our town’s future success, we must invest in the futures of our youngest citizens. Although the Huntersville town board does not vote on school issues, we must still maintain a voice behind the scenes with the CMS Board of Education and the Mecklenburg County Commissioners.

I want to be that voice for you.

With our population poised to grow, it is vital that we continue to meet our children’s needs. I understand the unique struggles our Huntersville families face as they work to provide their children with an exceptional education, and I will work to create an environment in which our young citizens can thrive.

My work with the Lake Norman Education Collaborative and workforce development helps to position students to transition into future jobs. We are currently partnering with local businesses that allow students to shadow or apprentice. This program exposes students to a variety of opportunities that many simply do not have otherwise. Additionally, it allows our local businesses to take control of their future workforce. By partnering area schools and businesses, we are being proactive in developing the future of our community.

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